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Don’t be mad at vegans.
Be mad at the society that told you lie after lie.
Be mad at the ads that ease your conscience in order to sell you stuff.
Be mad at the corporations that profit from your ignorance and nonhumans' exploitation.
Be mad at a system that objectifies and kills sentient beings on a daily basis.

How on earth did this post get over 2,000 notes and yet attract so few whiners?



yeah seriously tell us how wizardry’s done in the new world tell me how the wizards from france and spain and britain stamped out the brujos and the medicine men and set up their own schools tell me what the fuck the british raj did to fucking india because the patel twins are going to school in scotland and what are they told about their history, tell me about native american kids learning to say wingardium leviosa with hate in their hearts and tell me about wizarding rabbis bickering about whether you can use potions on the sabbath tell me about the slaves on their ships with their wands broken, mouthing curses in the dark tell me about the runaways that made it with garter snakes wrapped around their wrists that told them when they tasted dogs in the distance, tell me about the underground railroad and abolitionists with unbreakable vows and home-spun invisibility cloaks and disilusionments, using obliviate, using imperio, knowing that they served a higher justice, tell me about what happened to black wizards in the fifties, about what gates they were storming in the sixties tell me about queer wizards taking love potions every morning in their coffee to stay married to their husbands and their wives because what else could they do?

the world only begins and ends with straight white christians if you don’t bother looking any farther than that and too many people don’t and i am tired, tired, tired


Title: I Don't Dance
Artist: Chad & Ryan (Corbin Bleu & Lucas Grabeel)/Chad & Ryan (Corbin Bleu & Lucas Grabeel)
Played: 4523 times



*latinx parent loses an argument* SOY TO M/PADRE Y ME TIENES QUE RESPETAR


Imagine the Naruto manga if Team 7 was actually developed properly and Kishimoto cared about family as more than a plot device for drama.

Imagine seeing how Kakashi didn’t really want a genin team at first, how he wasn’t impressed with Naruto, Sakura, or even Sasuke, how being around Sasuke was painful initially because he was reminded of how Obito and how even though he felt guilty for ignoring his sensei’s son, being around Naruto was painful for the same reason. (And imagine how he’d try to focus more on Sakura then, only for Sakura to be the most well-behaved of the three, and how he’d need to put extra time into babysitting Naruto and Sasuke and how this would frustrate him.) Imagine him looking at these three kids and just thinking, “I would rather be at home reading Icha Icha, why was I selected for this.”

Imagine seeing him slowly come to really, truly care about them. Imagine Naruto not showing up for training one day so Kakashi goes to his apartment to find the place trashed, to find MONSTER graffitied on one of the walls, and Naruto standing in the middle of the mess, looking hurt and despaired until he sees Kakashi standing there. Imagine how Kakashi would feel as Naruto suddenly forced a smile as bright as the sun, said it was no big deal, said he would get it fixed up in no time because he’ll be Konoha’s #1 ninja, future Hokage, and no ace ninja like him could ever let a mess hold him back. Imagine Kakashi standing there, thinking back to the spoiled milk, realizing what Minato-sensei’s son has been dealing with for all of these years, feeling like shit for letting it happen, for letting it happen now when Naruto is only a kid and doesn’t deserve this. Imagine him helping, and when Sasuke and Sakura show up to see what’s taking so long, he ropes them into helping too even though Naruto insists it’s not necessary, it’s fine, he’s the best ninja in the village, he can handle it, really … ! (And imagine him starting to cry because it’s not okay, and it means so much to him that they’re helping, that they want to help, and Sasuke asks him sarcastically if he’s crying and Naruto threatens to hit him and maybe tries and Kakashi “accidentally” dumps mop water over their heads to break it up while Sakura rolls her eyes and sweeps the broken dishes into the rubbish bin.)

Imagine Sakura feeling inferior, Sakura feeling insignificant because she doesn’t come from a prestigious ninja clan, because Naruto and Sasuke seem to be advancing so much more quickly than her. Imagine Sakura trying to explain this to her parents, only for them to assure her that it’s all right, she’s fine the way she is, not understanding why she’s so upset or why she pushes herself so hard, why she feels the need to prove herself against her teammates, against the village, against the world. Imagine Kakashi at first feeling exasperated when it seems as though Sakura isn’t taking being a ninja seriously, but then waking up one morning to Sakura knocking on his door, upset and near tears because she needs someone to talk to, someone who will understand and who can give her advice and guidance, and doesn’t know where to turn and says, halfway through her rushed and nearly hysterical explanation, that she shouldn’t be bothering him and she’s sorry and she “knows it’s your day off, Kakashi-sensei” and goes to leave only for him to gently pull her in, let her talk, and say (truthfully) that he understands her need to prove herself, to be better, because he can remember a time when he felt the need to prove himself against all odds too, to truly be the best shinobi he could be. Imagine Kakashi letting Sakura calm down over tea as he explains to her how important training is, but that it isn’t the most important, that Sakura should try and that she should take things seriously but that she should remember that she is important as she is, too, and that she is a vital member of Team 7, not a burden. Imagine Kakashi looking at Sakura, seeing someone with so much potential who isn’t burdened by clan legacy (like Rin, but also her own person), and imagine him promising to give her extra training, so she can realize that potential all on her own. And imagine how proud he would feel the first time she pulled off a really difficult jutsu.

Imagine the Kakashi and Sasuke story taking a different turn, imagine Kakashi willing himself to see past Sasuke’s dark features (so much like Obito’s, though so different, because Sasuke doesn’t have Obito’s optimism, goofy smile, bleeding heart displayed openly on his sleeve) to see Sasuke himself, a kid who is grieving (still, even now, perhaps always), a kid who was left alone and who feels as though he has the weight of his family on his shoulders all the same. Kakashi would understand this, would realize he understood it, and imagine Kakashi not just teaching Sasuke powerful jutsu, but instead imploring him to understand that he’s not alone, that he still has family even if they aren’t Uchiha. Imagine Sasuke resisting this idea, pushing against it, but still agreeing to get dinner with Kakashi and Naruto and eating supper at Sakura’s house sometimes, and opening the door to the Uchiha compound on his birthday to find Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto there, with his favorite foods and cake and presents, and a birthday party he claims is stupid and he doesn’t have time for and shouldn’t we be training? but that he has and enjoys anyway even as Naruto sticks a silly party hat on his head and blows a noisemaker directly in his ear.

Imagine Kakashi coming to love these kids, all three of these kids, and becoming really fiercely protective of them even if it only comes out when one of them is in danger. Imagine him growing used to Naruto or Sasuke coming to spend the night on random nights, imagine him used to Sakura waking him up bright and early because she learned a new technique and mastered it much more quickly than any of them realized. Imagine Sasuke getting the Curse Seal and Kakashi finding a way to control it that didn’t rely on Sasuke’s willpower, not just because Sasuke himself has issues but because Sasuke—Sasuke with support, Sasuke who has come to care about Team 7 just as much and doesn’t want to lose them either—admits, in a roundabout way, in a quiet voice when it’s just him and Kakashi, that he’s scared he’ll give in and he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to leave or betray Konoha or go to Orochimaru, he doesn’t want to. Imagine Kakashi finding a way to help keep that Curse Seal locked and imagine him vowing to personally rip Orochimaru apart if he comes near any one of his kids again.

Just imagine, for one second, Team 7 being written as a makeshift family, an actual makeshift family, having frequent impromptu sleepovers because the Uchiha compound is big and fancy but lonely, and Naruto’s apartment has a leak in the roof and it gets pretty lonely, too. Imagine them quarreling so much at first, but coming to really love one another, growing past their crushes (Sakura’s on Sasuke and Naruto’s on Sakura) to the point where they just love each other, not implicitly romantically but as friends, best friends, family. Imagine that when they’re older and they go on missions without one another the ones left behind nearly drive themselves crazy with worry until the others return, imagine how when they do go on missions together they have flawless teamwork, working off one another to complete the mission and get home.

Imagine Orochimaru not being able to draw Sasuke away from the other three because he finally has a family again and he doesn’t want to give them up.

Imagine Akatsuki going after Naruto only to find Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke flanking him, refusing to let them get past.

Imagine Sakura being accepted by Tsunade as an apprentice, still, and Naruto crying because he’s so proud and Sasuke pulling her into a hug and Kakashi telling her that he knew she could do it, he’s not even surprised, it’s not a big deal at all (oh but wait there’s a celebration dinner back at his apartment).

Imagine Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke quietly joining Kakashi at the memorial, even if they don’t know the full story of why, because they know this is important to him and he is important to them, and they want to support him as much as he supports them.

Imagine if Naruto had been written caring about all of these characters equally, fostering their relationships with one another, making family important not because of legacy or because of destiny or because of drama, but because at the end of the day all of these characters were alone in one way or another and they found each other and could and would support each other, through anything.

Imagine that.



rock lee taking off his leg weights to fight gaara is one of the best moments in naruto



This Vine gives me life


I think my biggest problem with liberal feminism is that although it is extremely individualistic, if you say anything contradicting the slogans they relentlessly churn out about sex positivity, “slut” shaming, gender theory, q*eer theory, they will attack you unceasingly until you shut up or leave their movement. The hive mind is very powerful; if a prominent liberal feminist calls your a terf or whatever, it’s often taken at face value, with no evidence or receipts. If you speak up or defend them against hate, you’re a terf by association and also shunned and attacked.

Never join a movement where there is no room for critical thought or discussion. That’s never gonna liberate you.