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Dating isn’t easy, no matter who you are. This is a great Attenborough clip about wasps and orchids.

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Episode 8

Anonymous asked:
When you became vegan did you loose a lot of weight and have better skin ?


nah just saved some animals, how disappointing


How did third-wavers manage to fuck everything up so badly that supporting industries and cultures that oppress and violate women daily is somehow now considered feminist activism?


Gravity Falls 2x02 - Into the Bunker


Crested Eagle - Morphnus guianensis 

With large size and slender form, the Crested Eagle, Morphnus guianensis (Accipitridae), is a South and Central American raptor that lives primarily in tropical and subtropical forest. 

These eagles reach up to 84 cm in length and wingspan up to 176 cm. The underparts are variable, there are dark morph and pale morphs.   

Crested Eagles take medium-sized birds, mammals such as monkeys and opossums, reptiles, and frogs. They still-hunt from a perch, and may forage by flying slowly above the canopy. 

This species is regarded as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. 

Other common names are Guianan Crested Eagle, Águila Crestada, Águila Monera, Arpía Menor.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Thierry Montford | Locality: French Guiana (2009)


remember when shikamaru was one of the only people to resist kabutos sleep genjutsu but laid down on the ground and went to sleep anyway

This is an order. Never betray me. Stay by my side, forever




emileesaurus replied to your post: i’m not even shitting you at least 75%…

what the heck is a birdflash

when birds flash you their tits



i have no clue what that is 

blue footed boobies kingburu (sorry if the tagging is necessary i’ve just always wanted to try it)