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ash-blue asked:
Why do you think Gary Francione is awful?


Gary Francione is super ableist, classist, sexist, and racist. Beyond not seeing the connections between speciesism and the above systems of oppression, he doesn’t accept that there could be any reasons for why it may be very difficult/impossible for someone to be completely vegan (ex: living in a food desert which disproportionately affects PoC, especially Native persons). Additionally, his whole concept of “moral schizophrenia” is extremely ableist, discriminatory, and belittling. When called out on such issues, he refuses to take any accountability, let alone apologize. 



Daily killjoy reminder that Monica Lewinski was a twenty-three-year-old intern seduced by the most powerful man in the world and as a result had her life destroyed to the point where she was essentially forced out of the country and now, twenty years later, she is still just a punch line rather than a human being with a master’s degree.

And killjoy reminder that your feminist hero Beyoncé is one of the people perpetrating this. 



My father recently lost his job, we lost our house and now on top of this he has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. 

He is a professional machinist and has been working as one for over 30 years, only to then have his work stolen from him by his own mother and sister.  We’ve been scraping by since then and now that he lost his job we have absolutely nothing to live off of.

He is such a strong person and until yesterday I have never once seen him cry.  We’re absolutely devastated - he has cancer and we have no way to help him.  

He has always refused to take money from other people and he has spent his life helping people in need, and now we are the ones who need help.

My mother’s best friend has made a gofundme to try and help us pay our bills (we currently have no income whatsoever) and get him the treatment he so desperately needs.  

If you can’t donate then (please, please, please) signal boost this.  I’ll also share with him any supportive asks I receive regarding this..

I love my father so much and I am so afraid to lose him right now.


I just showed my mom how much money we’ve raised and how many notes are on this post and she started crying. Please keep signal boosting and thank you all so much!!




LOOK.imageWhat a wonderful journey we had walked together, fandom.
We watched them grow up.


get to know me meme [1/5] favorite female characters: dame rose marion tyler (doctor who)

"i’ve got no a-levels, no job, no future… but I tell ya what i have got - jericho street junior school - under sevens gymnastic team - i got the bronze!"

I still remember the first day I met you. To be honest,
it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone.
But any frustration I felt vanished when I thought,
"There's someone more amazing than me."
"I want to be able to swim like him."

dedicated to matsuokav


So Kishimoto not only got a new editor, it seems his assistance said on Twitter that there’s so much he wants to tell about the ‘New Era’ but he isn’t allowed to. Plus the movie was said to start a new Era anyway. Which leads me only to believe that there will be a FRIGGIN PART 3.

Believe it.



Dating isn’t easy, no matter who you are. This is a great Attenborough clip about wasps and orchids.

Original is on my site here.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Episode 8